Our Bakery will be closed on this week and next week

The days we will be closed are...

August 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th and 30th.     

We will open again on Friday August 31st and  the first week of September. This will be our last open week this year!                                                   

However, we will still be at Saturday and Tuesday Market as usual, so please find us at the market. 

Tony will be baking and selling his beautiful and delicious tarts and danishes at the market for next two weeks, so do not miss them!





Our Bakery is opening on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20th

Hi everyone! 

Summer has come, and Tony's Tarts' Bakery is opening this Wednesday at 11:00am.

We will be open from June 20th to sometime in September, so keep checking our post :-)

Stop by for freshly baked tarts and danishes with homemade ice cream!

Our business hour is 11am to 4pm, Wednesday to Friday.

Also, please check Saturday Market and Tuesday Market, as well.

Looking forward to seeing you again!




Tony's Tarts' Bakery is close until next summer

Thank you very much for coming to our bakery this summer! 

We are so happy to meet you all and appreciate your support.

The bakery is close but we are still waiting for you at Saturday and Tuesday markets with lots of fresh tarts and danishes!



Tuesday Market starts tomorrow!

The first Tuesday Market this year will start tomorrow at 2pm at Centennial Park in Ganges.

Tony's Tarts will be at the same spot as last year which is the park side.

Tony is going to bake all the beautiful tarts and danishes tomorrow.

We have some fresh homemade ice cream too!

Looking forward to seeing you there :-)



Happy Easter from Saturday Market on 15th April!

We are going to be at Saturday Market this week!

You may find us on boardwalk, or possibly in the main market area.

It is going to be a busy market day, so hopefully you can find us without getting lost..

Tomorrow, you will meet Tony who bakes all the wonderful tarts and danishes!

See you at the market!



Saturday Market on April 1st, 2017!

Finally, spring has came!

We will be at the first Salt Spring Island's Saturday Market in this season, April 1st.

You will see Tony's amazing tarts and danishes again soon!

The market will be open at around 8:30am.

Looking forward to meeting you!




The Bakery is CLOSED until next summer

Thank you very much for coming to our bakery this season.

Now our bakery is closed until next July.

BUT, we will be at the Tuesday Market until end of October, and Saturday Market until Christmas Eve! 

See you at the market!



Our bakery will be closed this week

Sorry, we are going to close our bakery this Thursday and Friday (25th and 26th of August).

But, we will be at the Tuesday market and Saturday market! 

See you at the market or our bakery next week!



We are open!

We opened our bakery on last Friday, July 1st.

It was great to see many people on our first opening day this summer.

You will see our new sign at the corner of Beaver Pt. Rd and Forest Ridge Rd.

Yes! with ICE CREAM sign! Try our freshly made ice cream in Tony's tart shells or ice cream bars!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Don't forget! This summer, we are open for Thursday and Friday only and from 11am to 4pm.

And yes, we are open tomorrow! 



The Bakery is opening SOON!!

Tony's Tarts Bakery in Southend is going to be open on this Friday, July 1st!

This year, we are open every Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 4pm during July and August (maybe in September ...?).

We are making and selling ice cream tarts and bars this summer.

Stop by before or after camping or waking in Ruckle Park for tarts and ice cream!

The bakery is located at 284 Forest Ridge Rd. The last turn before Ruckle Park and you'll see our sign at the corner of Beaver Pt. Rd and Forest Ridge Rd.

Looking forward to seeing you!




Tuesday Market has started!

You can find us at Oceanside at Centennial Park in the heart of Ganges on Salt Spring Island between 2pm and 6pm.

Check out Tony's new croissants, seasonal tarts and danishes

Now we have Tony's homemade fresh cream cheese with logan berry tarts and peach danish!

And, we are ready for hot summer! Try our new ice cream tarts and bars with local ingredients, such as fresh goat cheese and berries.




Saturday Market on April 16th!

We will be at Gasoline Alley again, just behind Salt Spring Cheese Co. this time.

Try Tony's cream cheese custard danish! This week, Tony made the cream cheese from scratch!

See you at the market :-)



Saturday Market on April 9th!

You can find us in Gasoline alley at the market this week again!

Our freshly baked danishes and tarts with a cup of coffee will be your perfect breakfast in the morning and perfect treat in the afternoon! 



Saturday Market - Easter Weekend 2016

It's Market Season again on Salt Spring Island and we will be bringing our Tarts and Danish's and maybe a couple of our new recipes to try out this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Can't make it to the Market on Saturday... or you find us sold out, be sure to stop by KizMit - they are carrying our delicious baked goods! Perfect for a weekend stroll through Ruckle Park!